Another World Lies Beyond

A walk in a walled garden

This project is audio-driven, please use headphones for best experience.

Another World Lies Beyond

1. INTRODUCTION – Blindness

(location: outside Library)

2. A Garden for Speculation

(location: Palm Garden)

3. 16,000 added, 1400 survive

(location: Desert Garden, Bed 16)

4. The Karl Marx Tree

(location: conifer grove between lake and path)

5. Another Paradise Inside the Cave

(location: outside gate of Garden of Flowing Fragrances (Chinese Garden))

6. In the Forest of Names/Plant Patent No. 1

(location: Rose Garden trellis)

7. On paper one easily draws a line with a ruler and pencil; but on land it is not the same

(location: American Art Gallery, wall drawings and projection)

8. Rare Earth

(location: American Art Gallery, central vitrine)

9. Epilogue: A Bat In Love with Darknesses

Written, produced, scored and mixed by Rosten Woo, 2019.
Narration by Frances Salata, Ray Salata, and Henri-Raphael Lewis.
Contains treated excerpts of "La Plus Que Lente" and 'Arabesque No. 1" by Debussy and "Intuition" by Gene Tyranny.
Commissioned by Clockshop for the Huntington's /five initiative.
Thank you: Ray, Frances, and Henri
Thank you: Sasha Archibald, Paul Biener, Philip Bloom, Gordon Chang, Nicole Jaffe, Robin Coste Lewis, Julia Meltzer, John Trager, Tiffanie Tran, Jenny Watts, Megan Whitmarsh.